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November 20, 2006

Gwen's winding up Claire

Gwenwinditup Few things have caused more strain in our married life than my worship of Gwen Stefani, and my tendancy to flip-flop over whether I like things or not depending on whether they are deemed "cool" or not.

So, imagine Claire's joy when I got hold of the new Gwen Stefani single today to find that she had sampled Salzburg's greatest musical export - "The Sound of Music".

Of course, I've instantly developed a detached ironic fondness for "The Lonely Goatherd" et al, and now regret that I didn't go on The Sound of Music tour with Claire and mum...

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I'm not surprised at all, given Martin's tendancy to u-turn on his opinions. So now he's boring me with useless information about the Sound of Music - how ironic after the slating Wenda and I got for our SofM tour! I might ask Gwen to cover 'the NeverEnding Story'

So you like her cover of 'Life's what you make it' eh?

Or that track on her first album with Andrew200 eh? eh?

Methinks your coat has been turned young man ;)

And if Jonaki's reading this ROBIN HOOD IS RUBBISH (and one of the kids at Anita's school says that his dad was in the first episode)

Hey, maybe we could turn this into an online forum about how pony some BBC programmes are and the unlikely people starring in them.

Did I mention that I saw Dr. Who LIVE on stage once? ;)

So in moving to another country you continue to renege on our bet of denouncing the stefani. I thought you were a man of honour mr belam.

Also, Stuart, Robin Hood isn't THAT bad. Kind of on a par with that famous film about wars and, erm, stars... (ok, taking it too far now).

I sense much anger in this one.

As much as Martin's bad taste may disturb you, you don't have to listen to him actually singing the Stefani songs all day. That is the real tragedy here!

Claire really had a harsh put down for me this week. She was explaining how she thought that fact that I liked the album indicated that I had "lost it".

I said, "Well, I've listened to that 2nd Killers album loads of times and couldn't even describe any of the tracks, yet the songs from the Gwen album have been buzzing around my head"

Claire retorted "And if you listened to The Sesame Street album a couple of times the songs would get lodged in your head. Think on."

Did you see Gwen on the World Music Awards? She seems to have taken a cue from Tina Turner since she was doing the bandy legged Cystitis dance ;)

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