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October 06, 2006

How do you solve a problem like Wolfgang?

With Greece, the thing I felt slightly squeamish writing about but had to mention was the toilet-paper-in-the-bin thing. Here in Salzburg, the unmentionable thing is to say that I'm not keen on Mozart.

Because, trust me, Salzburg is.

Virtually everything, from the airport downwards, tries to exploit the fact that Mr W.A. Mozart was born here. In fact, whilst in the UK it would seem Salzburg is mostly known for that musical, here it is only about one musician. And it ain't Rodgers and Hammerstein

If you don't believe me that they try and squeeze a little bit of Mozart into everything, then check out this gem of an event from my salzburg.info listings magazine: "Benjamin Blaikner - Unknown Artists: Break Me Amadeus". The listing poses the question:

"Was wäre, wenn Mozart ein genialer Breakdancer wäre?"

Marionette Which my limited German suggests is to make us wonder what if Mozart had been a genius breakdancer. The evening appears to feature a choreographed breakdance battle to the music of Mozart. It is followed at the same venue that night, naturally, by "mozartRemixed" - a club night hosted by DJ Odd.

Sadly I am washing my hair that evening.

However, I'm fairly certain we will be paying a visit to what is possibly Claire's worst entertainment nightmare. She has a pathological fear of the kind of wooden puppets used in the original Thunderbirds series. So what better place to take her for our upcoming anniversary than the "Salzburger Marionetten Theater", where Thunderbirds look-a-likes in 18th century dress mime for two hours to a recording of operas written by Mozart?

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