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October 24, 2006


Oh the dismay on my face last night as I read on my phone that Leeds and Swindon had agreed a deal to potentially make Dennis Wise the new manager at Elland Road.

For those that don't know, Wise is most closely associated with Chelsea and Millwall. As a Leeds United fan, only the revelation that he was also a closet Manchester United fan could make him a worse candidate.

"The only person I can think I'd like less as manager is Roy Keane", I explained to Claire.

"Or perhaps Eric Cantona".

There then followed a long bitter and twisted list of people I'd rather not have involved with the club. Including our toy puppy Keswick - although, whilst conceding he wouldn't be very good at the job, I did think he couldn't do much worse than John Carver has just done, and would at least be giving his inanimate best to the role.

By now Claire was chipping in with her ideas of people I'd least like to have as Leeds manager.

"Michael Schumacher?" she ventured.

"Margaret Thatcher?".

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