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October 27, 2006

Waxing lyrical - my trip to Miracle's Wax Museum in Salzburg

4085_miracles On Wednesday I went to the Miracle's Wax Museum. I went in and you had to take an escalator up to the first floor to buy a ticket. The girl selling the tickets looked slightly surprised to see a visitor which didn't fill me with confidence. I paid my whopping €12 and was given a walkman sort of box with an earpiece and sent off to start the tour.

The tour consisted of walking through dark corridors, some of which were made to look like old city lanes, and the walkman thing was automatic, so a sensor or something turned on the next part of the explaination.

I found myself in very dark corridors absolutely alone, with no other visitors except scary animatronic wax figures to keep me company.

Unlike the wax museum in London where they all look really real and you feel you could touch them and they would move, these didn't. Their doll-like appearance made it all the more terrifying as I walked from quiet room to quiet room, and suddenly one of the waxworks would turn around and start talking to me.

The eerie atmosphere was heightened with a background soundtrack of people chattering and walking around.

The museum itself was fairly poor, with not many wax figures and a lot of very basic historic information that was rather dull.

The last section of the tour was about Mozart and the Magic Flute. After getting a summary of the story, my headset informed me that I was to walk down another dark scary corridor for "The Magic Flute Experience". I was warned that if I had any health problems or suffered from vertigo I should avoid the last part of the tour and head straight for the exit.

I was intrigued as to what crazy terrifying events were to befall me, and was sorely disappointed to stroll through the last section of the tour without a single death-defying experience. I still am none the wiser as to what was supposed to be so health threatening, but was rather glad to get out of the creepy corridors and out into the busy Salzburg streets.

The only miracle about Miracle's Wax Museum is that they somehow managed to make me part with €12 for a load of old wax.

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It's funny how non-Madame Tussauds waxworks are generally a bit rubbish isn't it? The old woman must have had some kind of secret technique...

Claire says that the wax works she visited in Barcelona were also pretty "special" in the "not good" sense

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