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October 03, 2006

Watching football in Salzburg

Murphey's Law, Salzburg's Irish pub, is really nice, and the staff were very friendly. They have one TV at the back where the football was on, and it wasn't too busy - about four or five people in total watching the games. I saw most of Bolton versus Liverpool and most of Chelsea versus Aston Villa.

Bristolcity The pub was decorated with various bits of sports memorabilia, with a distinct Bristol City theme. This included one great 70s rosette with the old Wembley stadium logo on it, and a rather crude anti Bristol Rovers Simpsons themed t-shirt. There was also a scarf from the recent Red Bull Salzburg versus Blackburn Rovers UEFA Cup tie.

I made my was back to Hauptbahnhof station to get the 170 back to Niederalm, which I knew left at 15 minutes past the hour. Unfortunately what I had failed to grasp was that after six o'clock there is only one bus every two hours, and so the 7:!5 bus I was trying to catch didn't exist.

So, with an hour to kill I went to the Sportwetten bar to watch the end of Sheffield United's match. This wasn't the most salubrious place in Salzburg. A Sportwetten bar is like a cross between an English bookmakers and a pub. There is a bar and a little betting booth, and given that this one was right next to the station, it wasn't graced with cheeriest or wealthiest looking of customers.

Sportwetten They have lots of TV screens so they can show several matches at once. I bought my beer and settled down to watch the end of the English game, only for it to be turned over within seconds to a Galatasaray match from Turkey. That was just about the moment when I realised that I was pretty much the only non-Turk in the part of the bar I had sat down. And it turned out, the only non-Galatasaray fan as well - which only became apparent went they went 1-0 down. Not the happiest of watching experiences it must be said, so I supped up quickly and went back to just hanging around the bus station, which bizarrly was marginally more conformatable. I got my bus at 8:15 OK, no that I know the fare, and was happily tucked up in bed playing Grand Theft Auto on the PlayStation by 9pm.

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