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October 01, 2006

There is an Arsenal joke in this somewhere

Landhouswenger Geoffrey Palmer in "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" would have explained that there had been a bit of a cock-up on the accommodation front. When I first booked at the Kaiserhof I only asked to stay a couple of days in case I didn't like it. Then, once I decided I was going to stay longer, it had became fully booked, and so on Thursday night I had to move down the road to the Landhous Wenger. Credit where credit is due, the Kaiserhof made all the arrangements for me. Technically I believe it will also take about 25 seconds off my commute.

The Landhous Wenger is a large house set slightly back from the road. At least visiting it finally explained the animal smell on the way to work in the morning - the great big shed with the word "Milch" in front of it really is a giant milking shed. My room was very nice, with a spacious bathroom, and even a little balcony looking on to the mountains.

In fact, the only thing wrong with my room was an arcane television that had been set to the highest possible volume. I must have put the cows off their milking with the sparodic bursts of 'Charmed' dubbed into German as I had the TV on at Spinal-Tap-volume-11 for as long as I could bear, whilst I tried wrestling with the remote control to get the volume turned down.

Wengerbalcony I have to confess I was rather taken aback by how big the mountains were once I was sitting on the balcony. I've got used to the white mountains behind our house in Crete, and I've got used to the mountain that I can see from my office window and on my commute.

However it was only sitting on this balcony that I suddenly realised that the "cloud formations" I could see in the distance were in fact the 'proper' Austrian mountains, emerging from behind what now turns out to be the little clump of foothills that I live and work next to.

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