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October 08, 2006

The wicker men (and ladies) in our hotel

Having small statues of waiters, men, and other assorted creatures in the entrance to your hotel or bar seems to be all the fashion here. I wonder if Austrian people go to Greece or to the UK and say to each other: "Ja, ja. The hotel was very nice, but curiously lacking in a small statue of a person in the doorway"

The Airporthotel I stayed at next to Salzburg's airport had a small police uniformed type man in the entrance.


The Kaiserhof ended up being the sixth bed in the space of eight days that I'd slept in, which must be some kind of record even for me. We stayed there for nearly a fortnight in the end, despite the fact that it comes equipped with some of the freakiest and downright wrong ornaments I have ever seen, looking like something out of The Wicker Man.


Mind you, the one on the left in this picture looks like it might have been modelled on a Sea Devil.


We had this horrible fear that we'd be lying awake in bed and would start hearing their creepy little twiggy legs scraping up the stairs to come and get us...

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