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October 30, 2006

Spending our wedding anniversary in Salzburg

Last week on Wednesday it was our third wedding anniversary. Through a combination of events (some happy, like having to go to a party, and some very sad, like having to attend the funeral of my closest friend's father) it was the first time we had spent our wedding anniversary together doing something special together for it.

And you can already stop fnarr-fnarring at the back, thank you.

We decided to get a hotel room in Salzburg for the night rather than staying in Niederalm. Claire went there earlier in the afternoon, basically as soon as she could possibly check-in, because the room had cable TV and she could actually watch CNN and MTV and some other English language programming. I got the bus straight after work to meet her there.

We went out for dinner and stopped in a place on Linzergasse. It wasn't a particularly romantic choice, but the food there turned out to be really good. We had a Greek salad that got us all nostalgic for home, and then a pasta dish each, which we shared.

It was definitely a tourist trap, as virtually everyone else in the place was speaking English, so we were pretty amused with the people watching. A three-piece family next to us kept us laughing, especially when the father asked his daughter to get up and show the waiter which exact kind of chocolate cake they all wanted a slice of.

"What a waste of energy" she said, flumping back down into her chair after the excertion of walking all of 10 metres. Judging by the size of her already at the age of 10/11/12, and the size of the piece of cake she put away, she could have done with "wasting" a bit more energy more often.

We could afford to have a lazy start to Thursday as it was Austria's National Day and the equivalent of a British Bank Holiday. That meant no work, which when you are a full-time member of staff is great news, but when you are a contractor on a daily rate means it is actually costing you money. Ho hum, anyway, we had a day in Salzburg at our disposal.

4091_patrioticbus Now, one thing we've learned on our travels is that the rest of Europe apart from the UK actually treats holidays as a holiday. So whilst in the UK on Bank Holidays have virtually every type of shop open extended hours - apart from the banks themselves - Salzburg was pretty much shut for Austria Day.

The main bridge across the Salzach was flying extra flags, and the buses were running the Sunday timetable with the addition of white-man-van style flags on their fronts - but aside from that the town was more closed than on a regular Sunday. Luckily for us Republic was open, so we were able to lounge around using their wifi, and then head of back to Niederalm in the late afternoon.

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