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October 04, 2006

Sound of Moooosic

I spent my first day in Austria doing a whole load of nothing much. All the travelling the day before and the excitement had wiped me out and I spend most of the day lazing around the hotel, getting used to my new surroundings.

Today, however, I had a mission. Operation 'Find a Laundry - Wash Clothes'! After breakfast at the hotel, I loaded my backpack with all our 'unmentionables' and headed into Salzburg. The only clue I had of where to go, was some vague info that there was a laundry 'near' Hauptbahnhof (the train station). I got off the bus and began my search with a long arcade of shops opposite the station - seemed the most obvious place for a laundry...or not. With no washing machines in sight I headed back to the station to ask someone. This tactic has been fairly useful in the past, but 10 minutes later, having wandered in circles, I realised the (seemingly) kind lady had sent me on a wild goose chase - I'd love to know what she had actually directed me towards!

Luckily I passed a bookshop and sneakily peaked at a Lonely Planet book of Austria - hoorah! good ol' faithful listed a laundry! About 15 minutes later (having successfully deciphered the map) I found my way to Paris Lodron Stasse and a laundry. Mission accomplished! 10 Euro and an hour and a half later I had clean, dry clothes. The laundry is very clean and the staff very helpful, so I would recommend it, least of which because it seems to be the only one in Salzburg.

Cows041006While I was waiting for the clothes to do their thing, I went exploring. I didn't have a clue where I was. I walked to the bottom of Paris Lodron Strasse and found Mirabelplatz, which the bus from Niederalm had passed. So I'd managed to walk for miles to find this laundry, and had gone in a nice big circle. Anyway, it was good news for getting the bus back. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to carry the backpack all the way back to the station.

At Mirabelplatz I encountered a cow (those ones that travel the world on parade) decorated with the Sound of Music (what else!). Shakespeare041006_2 Then I caught sight of Shakespeare Cafe, on Hubert Sattler Gasse, and thought I deserved a cup of coffee after completing my mission. It was slightly weird inside, but doubles as an art gallery with peices on sale, so was quite interesting. There was also a back room, called the Gallery, with more artwork - all fairly dark, and with a scull adorning the table, I was loving it!

There was a sign outside the cafe saying something about a market (which I can never resist) on Thursdays, so I dare say I'll be back in Shakespeare Cafe before long.

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