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October 24, 2006

Niederalm's Floh-Markt

Flohmarkt2 It seems that every Saturday in Niederalm just outside our balcony there is a flea market. The upside of this is that we get to look through loads of interesting nick-nacks. The downside is that yet again one of my weekend days in Niederalm started with really loud oompah music being blasted in the general direction of my bedroom.

Like any boot sale in the UK, the Floh-Markt in Niederalm has more than its fair share of tat. There were some DVDs that we might investigate if they retain the English language soundtrack, and we also had a look at some of the books. I was tempted to buy something like a children's bible in German to help us learn a bit of the language, but I wasn't quite sure how useful "Do as I say or I will bring a plague of locusts down on your house" would be around the office. Hmmm, but then again....

Flohmarkt There were a few bits of antique electronics on display, including a bizarre slide-viewing machine, and some old bits of hifi equipment. Unfortunately I didn't manage to snatch a picture of my favourite item on display - a vintage radiogram from probably the forties or fifties, complete with huge letters at the front spelling out the name of the model - the "Hornyphon"

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