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October 29, 2006

Gay Folk Church Music at the Rockhouse

4074_gayfolkchurchmusic We were intrigued to see a band advertised as playing at the Rockhouse this Saturday called "Gay Folk Church Music". We weren't quite sure what they would sound like, and so I did a bit of interweb research.

Sadly it turned out that the band weren't called "Gay Folk Church Music", they were called The Hidden Cameras, and "Gay Folk Church Music" was how they described their sound. I listened to a couple of songs from their site, and decided they probably weren't for us.

However, doing the research did lead me to read a review of a band called The Black Swans, who sounded rather good, so I was pleased to find some of their music available for download from emusic.com

I've only just joined emusic.com. They offer a really wide range of independent music, and seem to be the online equivalent of Walthamstow's old "Ugly Child Music" record shop compared to iTune's "Our Price". You pay a monthly subscription, and are allowed a certain number of downloads during each month. The downloads are in DRM free mp3 format, and there is a lot of back catalogue stuff available as well.

I've been very impressed with it so far, although the fact that I've been downloading The Black Swans and Cat Power, and also having a "listening to Nick Cave" phase might indicate that some of the bleakness of Niederalm is infecting my music choices.

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i *love* the hidden cameras.

Oh, really? Maybe we should have gone then - I only listened to a couple of clips of their stuff. Damn.

It's a shame - you missed an amazing show. They're brilliant live (as well as on record)...good fun!

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