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October 09, 2006

Friday night in Salzburg

On Friday night we went out a day late to celebrate my birthday. Claire met me at the bus stop after work and we got the 170 into Slazburg. This time I asked for Mirabelplatz rather than Hauptbahnhof, and the fare was €0.15 cheaper each.

It was a beautiful sunny evening, and Claire even thought she saw a deer in the hills just above town. We made our way across the Salzach river, and headed to get the lift up to top of one of the hills to get the spectacular views. We also wandered along the top of the hill/mountain/lump to one of the oldest fortifications in Salzburg. This afforded us some more spectacular views in the opposite direction, and some closer to the centre of town.

We got the lift back down and began to search for somewhere to eat, and went back along to Linzgasse, where we had been the other night. In fact we went back to a bar called Alter Fuchs we'd had a beer at, hoping to eat there this time. We found a nice table, but it was reserved at 20:00. As it was only 18:35 we went to sit down, and then one of the waiters came up and was really abrupt with us, saying the whole area was reserved. Given that they didn't need the tables for another hour-and-a-half we thought that was pretty ridiculous, so headed off to find somewhere else in a slight huff. Of course, it turned out to be the last restaurant for miles...

In the end we found a little Chinese restaurant, and tucked into their all-you-can-eat buffet, which was pretty reasonable at €8.90 each, and then made our way to the gig we were going to see.

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