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October 02, 2006

First venture into Anif

With the prospect of very little to do between 5pm Friday night and 9am Monday morning in a strange country on my own, I decided after work to venture straight into Anif. My plan was to check out some shops, maybe grab a bite to eat, and then get a cab back to the Landhous Wenger.

Anif had other ideas.

To describe it as sleepy would be an understatment. It is undoubtedly beautiful, especially with the early evening sun peeking out from behind the mountains casting shafts of light down the hillsides around the town. However, I kept on walking expecting to turn a corner and "arrive", but it never happened, and before I knew it I could see the end-of-Anif signs.

It mostly seemed to consist of guest houses and hotels rather than shops. On the way back I stopped in a place called Wenger Café - there is a real Wenger theme going on here - for a beer before tackling the 2.5km hike back to my guest house. There seemed very little chance of hailing a taxi, and I haven't ventured on the local buses yet.

Clown The Wenger Café was very sedate, decked out in orange and brown which seemed a lot better than it sounds. I can't say I approved of the artwork near where I sat though - several pictures of a clown pulling a series of faces, printed as if they were a negative, with the only non-inverse colour being the clown's red nose. Jürgen Fuchs is the artist responsible.

All in all I came to the conclusion that Anif wasn't going to trouble me greatly on Saturday, and that I was just going to have to get to grips with the local buses and make my way to Salzburg proper.

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