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October 17, 2006

Eurodesk's International Night

Hungariandancing On the Friday night after my seminar, the Eurodesk conference held International Night in the disco room in the basement of the European Youth Centre.

First of all we were treated to a display of Hungarian dancing, which, frankly, seemed too much like hard work to me – I’d hate to end up having to do that for hours at a wedding. There was an awful lot of stamping, boot slapping, and jumping up and down involved.

Then there was the part of the evening that we enjoyed much more – sampling lots of local produce from around Europe. The delegates from each of the thirty or so European countries represented at the conference had bought some traditional food and drink from their country for people to try. We started with some Becherovka from the Czech Republic which is a very strong alcoholic herbal medicine. It was lovely, but after that everything else we tried seemed a bit of a blur. We had some hideously strong fish from Latvia, some Icelandic vodka, Spanish salami, Italian cheese, and a type of Scandanvian biltong. I also very much enjoyed some Danish lager.

Internationalnight We also got to see a video of Icelandic Swamp Soccer in action - which was rather special. It is pretty much the same as the regular game, except played in a muddy swampy field that reduced everyone to the same clumsy skill level.

Probably our favourite thing though was getting some genuine Greek olive paste on genuine Greek bread. I have to say we are both feeling a little homesick for our new adopted nation, and are really missing the food, the friendly people and the relaxed pace of life we enjoyed over the summer.

Oh, and the UK? It was represented by cheddar cheese, shortbread from Scotland, and the somewhat bizarre but amusing choice of Twiglets.

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