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October 23, 2006

Early closing night in Salzburg

Friday night was time for another evening excursion into Salzburg. We met at the bus stop, and got the bus into town, which was mostly quiet except for Claire managing to drape her scarf over some poor sleeping guy's face when we sat down, and it then filling up with giggling underage children drinking loads of beer.

Carpediem Our first port of call in town was Salzburg's branch of "Carpe Diem". This rather upmarket bar specialises in 'finger food', but we just went for drinks. I think we were somewhat letting the tone of the establishment down. The food sounded very appetising, but the portions were definitely only finger food - each dish was served in a tiny little cone. Two 33cl beers and one gin and tonic came to €15, so I don't think it will become a regular haunt.

We then walked back through the town, and headed to a pizzeria we had seen the other day. Il Centro Pizzeria is the sister restaurant to one we had eaten in on the other side of the Salzach, but was quite, quite different. Whereas the one on Linzgasse was warmly lit and spacious, this was a small cosy little place. We hadn't been there long when everyone else had left, so it was just us, the waiter, and our yummy yummy pizza. Once we'd finished eating, he began to clear everything up around us. Despite it not being 8pm yet on a Friday night, they were clearly shutting up shop, so were supped up and cleared off.

Our next stop was the third of the four Irish pub's in Salzburg that we have visited - O'Malleys. We thought that in terms of decoration, the layout of the pub and the music, it was a clear winner out of the three so far. However, the atmosphere was a little intimidating and the staff at the bar very surly, so we didn't quite get the same welcome feel we'd had at The Shamrock or Murphy's Law.

Claire has not been very well, and I have been finding doing a 5 day week in the office again very tiring, and so, to our immense shame, by 9pm we were quite, quite finished, and went to get the bus back to Niederalm.

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