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October 20, 2006

"Delly poo" and "Kaletty poo"

Keletipu One sad thing that happened on our last morning in Budapest was that we were finally disproved in our theory of how to pronounce the names of the trains stations in the city.

We'd always pronounced Deli pu and Keleti pu as "Delly poo" and "Kaletty poo", but when we got in our taxi the driver asked "Kaletty pie?".

So no more toilet related humour for us, although we still find the idea of a train station called "Delly pie" quite funny.

We'd anticipated the cross town traffic in Budapest would, as usual, be formidable, but actually it was really quiet, and so we ended up in the station over an hour before our Sunday morning train was due to depart.

We stopped for coffee in quite the most opulant railway cafe I've ever visited - there was even a white grand piano on a raised platform in the middle of the dining room!

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