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October 11, 2006

"Atomkraft, Nein Danke!" at the Salzburg Bio Fest

Atomkraft On Saturday we had to start the day by moving hotels. We've installed ourselves in the Weinleitner, which is at the northern tip of Niederalm, reducing my commute to work to something like 5 minutes flat. Lugging all of the gear up the road between hotels wasn't much fun though, since the amount of stuff seems to keep multiplying - for example I have a whole new laptop, mains adapter, bag and set of accesories from work to carry with us.

After we got settled in we got the bus to Salzburg to spend the day there. Our intention had been to take a pony ride tour of the town - obligatory for tourists you understand - but it was so wet that it didn't seem worthwhile. In fact, it was so wet that we spent most of the morning in cafes.

StrawcowWe did pop out though to have a wander around the Austrian Bio Fest that had set up in one of Salzburg's main squares. There were stalls selling all kinds of organic produce, and so we picked up some cheese, some bread rolls, and some very dry cured ham. Ordering them was fine, except for the ham, where my "four slices?" and gesture appeared to translate to slice-up-and-wrap-up-the-whole-leg. Suffice it to say we ended up with a little bit more ham than we needed.

They had a great little stall for children, where they could make small animals out of straw - and probably the children of the corn as well - and also learn to milk a near life-size straw cow.

SpaghettibragirlI was also delighted to see a blast from the 70s in the shape of a stall devoted to the sunny smiling energy logo and the slogan "Atomkraft, Nein Danke!".

For lunch we went to a pizza place near the lift up the Mönchsberg. The food was fantastic, but we only just slipped in before they were closing, and so got served by a waiter who provided very good service and who was very polite, but who did everything in double-time. The restaurant was decorated with photographs of people messing around with pasta.

Fully filled with pizza, we set off in search of some Euro2008 qualifying football.

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