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October 17, 2006

A very western night in Budapest

On Thursday we travelled to Budapest where I was taking part in a conference. When we got there we were invited to join the conference delegates for dinner in a local restaurant. However, we were a little unsure whether Claire would be included in the invite as she wasn't an official delegate, and we very tired after our six hours of travel, so declined – we just fancied a quiet little night to ourselves.

We went out around 7:30, and found that it was potentially going to be a very quiet night, as the area of town we were in didn’t seem to have many food places open. The couple of places we did spot and look at had exclusively Hungarian menus, and so we were really unsure as to what was on offer.

Well, in the end we did something that we didn’t do on all of our previous travels through Europe, which was to spot a recognisable American fast food chain, and just say – "Oh well, let's just go there". So, Burger King it was.

The food on offer differed slightly from what we were used to in the UK, and we were quite puzzled when the waitress asked us if we wanted goulash with our meals. Why would we want a cup of goulash with our burgers? Then we realised she had said something universal to fast food joints – did we want to "Go large"?

Westernpub I had this great triple burger long roll with cheese, jalapenos and spicy cheese dressing, which I've never seen on offer in the UK. It was no doubt hideously chemically treated and bad for me, but I loved it.

We then continued on our cultural imperialist tourist of Budapest by stopping for a drink in a bar called The Western Pub. It made a big thing out of serving Fosters, but seemed a bit confused with its identity, as it had a mix of Australian décor with stuff from the old Wild West. With a bit of Mexican thrown in. Quite, quite strange.

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