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October 15, 2006

A distracting night in Anif and Niederalm

On Tuesday we decided we would walk up to Anif to see what the night life was like and get a bite to eat, rather than having another evening of ham and cheese rolls in our room. However, it didn’t turn into a great evening.

On the walk up to town we witnessed a serious car accident, which left us feeling very subdued. It was obvious that one of the victims was going to need to be cut out of their crumpled vehicle. There were plenty of people on the scene, and one guy with a medical kit even before any emergency vehicles arrived, but we felt rather helpless. With virtually no command of the language I'm sure we wouldn't have been much help anyway, but in the UK there is no way that we would just have just walked on, but here in Austria we didn’t really know what else to do.

Obviously that impacted on our mood, so we had a quiet dinner, and then just headed straight back to Niederalm. That was when we realised that we should have bought our torches, as the road from Anif to Niederalm is unlit, and at times the only thing keeping us from straying onto the road was the moonlight reflecting off the Untersberg in the distance.

We got back to our room, and then almost immediately I had some strange noises. I went out onto the balcony and could clearly hear a woman screaming in distress off in the distance. Claire joined me listening. We weren’t alone, as over the road I could see a man standing by a fence looking in the same direction. The screaming happened again, and he ran into the nearby garage to fetch another couple of people. They all stood staring out in the direction where the noise had come from, but there was no further sound, and for the second time that night we were left feeling unsure what to do, or how to help someone.

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