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September 29, 2006

Welcome to Salzburg. Or Anif. Or Neu Anif. Or Niederalm. Actually, where the #$%* am I?

03mountainview So I'd been telling everybody that I was moving to Salzburg, but as it happened on the first night in Austria I stayed in a hotel at the airport, and then when I moved I literally got a taxi straight to another hotel near my new office in Anif.

Well, I thought it was Anif. Actually the hotel is a bit further south of the motorway, and appears technically to be in Neu Anif.

Although the road sign just down the hotel welcomes you into Niederalm.

Either way it all looks a bit more remote and provincial than I was expecting, but I have a beautiful mountain view from my hotel room, and there is a little stream nearby called, I think, Königsseeache.

03lunch After I checked in at the hotel I went for a stroll. It was curiously like being on our travels again. I found a supermarket for some provisions, and rather like when Claire and I first arrived in Berlin in January this year, for lunch I had rolls, some local cheese and smoked ham, all hacked open with our swiss army knife.

I also bought a local newspaper, to see if I could find some adverts for apartments. I could identify the German language classifieds for masseurs, sex-lines and escort agencies, and found some cars to purchase, but there didn't seem to be any flats for hire at first glance. I didn't realise it when I picked it up, as I only flicked through the back to see if their were classified ads at all, but our local paper in Neu Anif is a bit racier than any of the local newspapers in Walthamstow or Chania.


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