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September 18, 2006

"The Day The French Coughed"

Iraklio4lionsfountain On our first night out in Iraklio we headed south from the harbour into the main bit of town, and reached four lions square - named after the fountain in the middle of it. We stopped and had a drink at a bar called Kipkop, all the time finding it impossible not to make corny jokes about bustin' our dope kip-kop moves. We moved on to a trendier bar by the fountain, called Living Room (or Living Lounge or Lounge room or something). It had very impressive decor, and equally impressive prices.

We then made our way to the harbour to look for a fish taverna, and picked one on the harbour-side. Bizarrely the kitchens were across the main road out of Iraklio from where the seats were, so the waiters were constantly risking life and limb weaving through the traffic to bring us our food.

The place was nice enough, but we were a bit put off of our food by the fact that three different people on the tables surrounding us all had these terrible constant hacky coughs going on. Bizarrely they were all French. As had been the lady who had stood next to me on the coach during the last part of the journey from Chania to Iraklio when the bus filled up. She had also spent the whole time coughing. It was like being trapped in some sort of low-budget straight to video horror movie - "The Day The French Coughed".

Irakliohungrycats We had mixed success with our meals - I had Gilthead which was beautifully cooked, whilst Claire had a plate of Red Mullet. The trouble with that is that however well it is cooked, the bone/flesh ratio still pretty much means getting constant mouthfuls of bones. What with the French cough chorus, the bones, and the two greedy cats eagerly eyeing Claire's every move, I don't think she enjoyed her meal as much as I did.

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