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September 01, 2006

Team with long names 101, Team with big pay packets 95

Well, the almost unthinkable happened this morning. Greece reached the final of the World Basketball Championship with a tense and narrow victory over the USA. Although Greece are the current European champions in the sport, it feels like a massive achievement for such a small country to have reached the final. And if you didn't think there was enough bad feeling between the two countries before the game, then the USA's leading scorer going into the match, Carmelo Anthony, didn't help with his assesment of the Greek team:

"Their names are long. Their names are too long. Their names are very long."

Our street erupted with joy when the final hooter/buzzer/fat lady sounded - there were kids running, screaming and jumping everywhere. And then the shooting started. We'd heard about this, but I've never come across it before. For about twenty minutes the hills around our house reverberated to the sound of celebratory gunfire.

I'm glad we knew the basketball was on, otherwise we would probably still be hiding in the basement.

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