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September 27, 2006

Swapping lemon trees for edelweiss

01edelweiss Rather suddenly, that is the end of our Greek adventure for a while. Those of you that also read my professional blog - currybetdotnet - will already be aware that I have taken a job in Austria on a contract until the end of the year.

I've already moved to just outside Salzburg, where the job is based, and Claire will be joining me as soon as I've found somewhere to stay that isn't a surreal Austrian version of Alan Partridge's Norfolk travel lodge experience.

We are keeping our house on in Crete, and fully intend to return to the island in the new year, but in the meantime for me it is a case of swapping my 'nai' for 'ja', 'Zorba the Greek' for 'The Sound of Music', and my Mythos for some as-yet-undiscovered mind-bending Austrian lager.

And as for this site? Well, I guess we'll be continuing the online diary of the adventure that saw us leave the UK before last Christmas, spend three months travelling, including a spell in the Middle East and a month in Italy, and then the six happy months we've spent in Greece. We hope you'll still want to read about it. It has been great getting comments and emails from people back in the UK, and from both British and Greek people living in Greece, we've really appreciated it.

Oh, and this time, unlike the lemon tree, I don't think we are actually going to try and cultivate edelweiss.

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Just in case anyone is concerned, the lemon tree in Crete will be well looked after by our neighbours while we're away. At the moment, he's green and happy and enjoying the cooler weather!

Greetings Claire and Martin,

Wow, I'm so bummed you're moving. Depresssed actually! I read your blog religiously. I get my Crete fix vicariously everytime I read about where you've visited and what you've done around the island. Your photos are a big plus too. You see, I live quite far away in New York. But my dream is to live in Crete someday. Reading about your experiences, however mundane, gives me hope that one day I can make it happen. Now if only I can convince my (English) husband (Arsenal fan I'm afraid) that living in a country where he doesn't speak the language is doable.

Well, best of luck in Austria.

Yasas kai kali tixi,

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