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September 11, 2006

No pirates for you, Sonny-Jim-me-lad

Martinatspirit Chania has an open-air cinema in the municipal gardens, but we've never made it there. It tends to specialise in showing "World" cinema - i.e. anything other than USA studio output - and whilst some of the things that have been on have sounded appealing, we've not been quite able to bring ourselves to sit through two-and-a-half hours of a film in a foreign language with Greek subtitles.

So for my first cinematic experience in Chania we decided to go to an indoors one on Saturday, to see some swash and buckle and over-the-top acting in Pirates of the Caribbean. We'd seen it advertised on posters near the main market. We got to the cinema just in time for the 7:30 start, only to find it wasn't on. Hmmm. Perhaps it was on at the cinema around the corner. We sped there, only to find that it appears to have completely closed down since the last time we walked past it.

So, no pirates for us. The other cinema did have 'Superman Returns' on, but we were in the mood for light and fluffy, and frankly, pirates, so decided instead to visit some bars we haven't tried before. We have got a little bit stuck into a rut of always visiting Sante, Ella, Notos, Remezzo and Pallas.

We started at 'Spirit Lounge', which is on Isodion in the back streets of the old town near the Cathedral. It has a bit of a tie-dyed hippy vibe about it, but plays a nice line in understated alternative music, and it was really nice sitting outside on one of the old Venetian streets. Apart from when I was being harassed by the worst begging child musician in Chania however, who stood next to me blowing alternating notes on a wheezing old organ, before shouting "Money! Money!" into my ear at the top of his voice.

Metropolitansquare Out next stop was a small bar above the Cathedral's main square. We thought it would be a thriving little spot, but it turned out to be quite a nice little "old man's bar", with just the two of us, the owner, and a couple of old Greek blokes. It was really relaxing.

Whilst we were there we could hear some music coming from further along the square, so when we finished our drinks we went in search of the party.

Metropolitanmusician A man was playing keyboards and singing outside the front of the Metropolitan Bar, so we stopped there for a drink and a snack to eat. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and the interior of the bar is amazing - with light fittings that descend the full height of the building through a central gap in the upper floor to illuminate the downstairs. The keyboard player was quite entertaining, playing a mix of cover versions and Greek standards, and a somewhat unexpected solo piano version of Peter Andre's "Mysterious Girl" which raised a lot of smiles.

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