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September 05, 2006

Locating the German war memorial at Germaniko Pouli with Google Earth

Someone left a comment the other day on one of our entries about the German war memorial at Germaniko Pouli asking for more detail on the exact location. They had been trying to find it using Google Earth and had failed.

I'm not surprised. The coverage of Crete on Google Earth is pretty sketchy in places - I suspect in part due to the Greek sensitivity about taking photographs of military and strategic locations. You'll never see any pictures by me of Souda on here for example, as pretty much the whole town is subject to a photography ban on account of the bases in the harbour. I don't suppose the Greek authorities are any more accommodating for Google.

You can actually find the old German memorial on Google Earth though. I make it out to be at Lat  35°30'22.07"N, Long 23°59'36.32"E. In the screengrab below I've put a little yellow box around it.


As you can see, compared to when it was the only thing standing on the hill, it is now swamped by the buildings around it.

Germaniko Pouli

The current photograph of the area on Google Earth must be a good couple of years old, since to the north of the view above you can see that the Aptera Beach apartments are yet to be abandoned, and the clothes shop near to us, Sprider, is still under construction. It must be post 2001 though, as the memorial has clearly already lost the diving eagle sculpture.

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What happened to the eagle? I understand it fell down during a storm a few years ago.



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