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September 14, 2006

Broken laptop button

Laptopbutton Well, my trusty Dell laptop has been through something like 15 countries with me in eight months, but finally something broke on it - no more right scrolling with the keynoard for me.

Actually, technically the first time something went wrong with it was in Florence, when I dropped it, and inexplicably the wifi, which I didn't know wasn't working, started to work.

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Credit where credit is due - one of Dell's customer service team saw this blog post and then got in touch with me to let me know that providing the laptop was within guarantee period (which it is) then I could get the keyboard replaced. Sadly I'm such a geeky nerd that I can face the rest of the laptop's life with a broken button more than I can face being apart from it for a couple of days!

Hi I have a dell laptop and I dropped a C.D case on the... button and it popped off ,It has a little white clip attached to the button But I can't seem to reattach it to the key board itself. I know I could bring it in and get it fixed but I thought there may be a simple solution and do it myself, can anyone help me??

ok i have a vaio and what i normally do to fix a button is clip the white plastic back on the button itsself, (there is only one way it fits) then place the key on the keyboard and shove it down, as long as the actuall metal tabs on the keyboard aren't broken, this should work

one of my button broke how do fix it

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