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September 26, 2006

A night out in Platanias

Golfingclaire Last Saturday we ventured out to Platanias to get our first taste of tourist and night life there. We started with a closely fought round of mini-golf. Well, it wasn't that closely fought to be honest, Claire was absolutely trouncing me until she unexpectedly blew-up on the back 9, scoring a whopping 25 on two holes alone. It was still a tense finish though, which shows just how far I had been behind. After that it was time for some vigorous air hockey. The machine was right by the road, so we attracted a little crowd of passers-by, which was quite embarrassing.

After all the exertion, we needed a drink, and so we looked for a cocktail bar. We ended up in a place called Plus, which had a whole series of big screens showing football. In fact there were quite a few sights there, from the lit sparkler that arrived in my cocktail, to the waitress practically spilling out of her top.

Sparklycocktail We headed for dinner to a restaurant called Panorama. It is up in the hills of the old Platanias village, It is still shamelessly a tourist trap, but it has commanding views of Platanias and Theodoru island, as well as the surrounding countryside. The food was good, and although they had a high turnover, and we didn't see the same waiter twice, the service was good as well.

Our original plan had featured going out to a 'rock' club along the Platanias strip, but I have to confess that with Claire still raring to go, I got an attack of the sleepies and called the whole thing off in favour of a nice early night and a mug of cocoa. Which was a bit rubbish really.

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