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September 16, 2006

A morning out to Gerani - and we nearly steal *another* puppy

Archelonsign On Monday this week we took a trip out to Gerani, which is a little way to the west of Chania. Our main aim was to find the Archelon Turtle Protection camp. Claire has been thinking about volunterring there as a way of meeting some new English speaking people our age (and more likely below), and also as a way of helping the endangered turtles in the area.

The statistics about the decline of the turtle in the region are pretty scary - the last few years have seen a steady decline in the number of nests on the island's beaches, and as only one in a thousand baby turtles makes it to adulthood, it is vital that they are given all the help possible.

At first we didn't find the camp, and instead had a very long walk donw the beach. The weather has been quite windy in Crete this week, and the sea was whipping up a storm. We stopped to have a cup of coffee at a little holiday resort block called Silver Sands, and then headed back inland to go back to the main road.

It was then we saw a sign directing us to the Archelon camp, so we followed that. Unfortunately at the time we arrived there was nobody around - they were probably all patrolling the beach, so we didn't get to meet anyone. Well, not anyone of the two-legged variety anyway.

Archelonpuppy We were just about to leave the camp when out of the bushes bounded one of the happiest cutest puppies ever. He obviously belonged to the camp, as he wore a collar with a turtle symbol around it, but he had been left to his own devices. We gave him some water and fussed over him, and then headed off.

Which is when he started following us. Despite our best attempts to shoo him back to the camp he follwoed us for a good ten minutes, snuffling along at Claire's heel. He gave up in the end, but we hope he found his was home OK...

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