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August 03, 2006

Storing stuff in a reckless way

Not for us a proper storage company, no siree, when we left the UK we just stuck all our stuff in our parent's garage and hoped for the best. Imagine my horror as we returned there this week to find the way to the garage was a trail of broken CDs and records!


It turned out that they weren't mine - but in a weird co-incidence they were all on the old Reckless Records label - the company Claire and I both used to work for.


On reflection it wasn't much of a co-incidence. One of my ex-colleagues from Reckless lives just around the corner, and I later remembered that they started using his garage as extra storage space. It did make my heart beat a little faster when I saw it all though.

Our stuff turned out to be pretty much OK. We haven't found anything broken yet, and although there were a few cobwebs the damp doesn't seem to have got to the record sleeves, our clothes haven't been gnawed at by mice, and even the tyres on my bike were still pumped up.


So the only problem now is that as we started unpacking some of the things, we kept looking at each other with only one question - "Why on earth did we keep all this...stuff"

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I hope that the cones are related to the garage function of the garage, and aren't some hangover from your student days that you've kept hold of...

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