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August 21, 2006

Returning to Soho

Since being back in the UK I've had a potter around my old stomping ground of Soho. Given our current geographical separation, it was ironic to pass the pub where it all started for Claire and me. Well, it all started at Reckless Records, but it was after a night out at the Coach & Horses on Poland Street that we got together. What they say on the tourist t-shirts back in Hania is so true - "Beer - Connecting people"


I'd love to put my memories of that night up on thetimewhen.co.uk, but between Claire & I we can only date it about as accurately as summer 1999. Perhaps they also need to do theplacewhere.co.uk?

There was a sad sight at the far end of Soho. Someone had tacked some notices to bus stops up and down Charing Cross Road asking if anyone had found their Sony digital camera on the top deck of a N38 to Walthamstow on Sunday 13th August. The pictures on it were of sentimental value, and they were hoping they would get them back. (The_fool@hotmail.co.uk if you happen to have any info about it)


And one thing I had never noticed before was this Space Invader tilework above the entrance to Manette Street.


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There are quite a few of those space invader tiles scattered around London (see http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=space+invader+london for example).

It seems they're all part of a global artwork project (http://www.space-invaders.com/ ).

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