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August 02, 2006

"No Action" cleaning from Vanish

Vanish You have to be very careful when doing product localisation - I should know. Spotting this bottle of Vanish a couple of weeks ago in our local supermarket, I was reminded of the no doubt apocryphal story of Vauxhall trying to launch the "Vauxhall Nova" car in Mexico/Spain/Puerto Rico where 'No va' means "Doesn't go".

I'm sure in the marketing department's book-of-science-gobbledegook "Oxi action" means some fearsomely powerful way of dealing with dirt using oxidants/oxygen/oxidisation.

However, in the Western alphabet OXI looks, well, exactly the same as ΟΧΙ in the Greek alphabet. And in Greek, ΟΧΙ means "No".

Which means that I suspect the average Greek housewife is going to read this Vanish package and think it boasts of having "No action"

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