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August 30, 2006

New arrivals at Pet World (or "How we nearly got a puppy")

Οδος Κυδωνιας is one of the main roads running through central Hania, where the main ΚΤΕΛ bus station is located. But we know it as "Puppy Street" - and as we go down it on the bus we often mumble the theme tune to 'Only Fools and Horses' substituting the words 'puppy street' for the original "C'est magnifique, Hooky Street, Magnifique, Hooky Street, Hooky Street"

We call it 'puppy street' because right by the station is a shop called "Pet World" that very often has some puppies for sale in the window. Although neither of us likes to see dogs caged and left alone overnight in a shop, we can't help but be cheered up in the morning by their soppy little puppy faces.

We got a bit of a shock this week though. We got off the bus a bit early so we could walk to the station via "Pet World", because Claire wanted to show me the shop's latest arrival. He/she is much older than the puppies they usually have in stock, being around three or four months old, and is far too big for the cage he/she is in.

Puppystreet They also had a brand new puppy, a silly scruffy looking thing who was asleep on his back. I couldn't see him very well because someone had left a pile of cardboard boxes in front of the shop. As I nudged closer to the window I got an absolute fright when the box at my feet moved. I looked down....and there were three more puppies!

Shame, someone had obviously abandoned them outside the pet shop. They were dear looking little things, two of them a gorgeous chocolate colour...and we very nearly took one away with us!

Sadly, common sense prevailed, and we left them to their shopbound fate.

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