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August 09, 2006

Day #1 in Cornwall

Over the weekend we went to Cornwall to attend a friend's wedding, which was the centre-piece of Claire's trip to the UK. Our journey started at the re-vamped St Pancras station, which we found easy-to-use but nevertheless very confusing. I just couldn't work out whether they had changed the height or orientation of the tracks, or which direction we were facing, or anything. The actual train departure area was very impressive though.

We got the train to Kettering and we were picked up from there by J & V to start the long trek south-west. It was good to see them and we had a good laugh during the journey which took about seven hours in all.

Cornwallchazdi Once we'd got settled into our respective B&B's we went to a pub called "The New Inn" in Veryan. Like a lot of country pubs it had an awful lot of pictures and nick-nacks on the wall, which was a little over-busy. However it did have one absolute gem in the shape of a St Austell Brewery commemorative mirror for the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer.

The food there was fantastic, and the flirtatious barmaid sparked the running joke of the weekend when I got up out of my chair, bumped into her and said "Oh, I'm sorry". "Ooooh", see cooed, "don't be".

The latest we could actually book a hideously over-priced cab to take us back to Polsue Manor where we were staying was 10:20pm, so it turned out to be quite an early night.

Cornwallstuffed We liked Polsue Manor, our room was very nice, with a four-poster bed. The manor also had three very freindly dogs, and we played stick throwing with them a couple of times in the gorunds. The only thing that was a bit disconcerting about the place was a huge case of stuffed wild animals including an own and a squirrel.

Even more strangely there were two stuffed cats, one sitting on a chair, and one curled up on the piano, both posed to look as if they were asleep rather than dead. You couldn't help worrying that eventually the dogs would be joining them, curled up stuffed in front of the fireplace!

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