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August 16, 2006

Chania-Rethymno KTEL signs in the bus station

Over in Crete the KTEL isn't some dodgy purveyor of poor quality compilation vinyl albums locked in an endless battle for supremacy of the market with Ronco, but the local bus company. All the buses out of Hania's bus station are run by the Κ.Τ.Ε.Λ. Χανιων-Ρεθυμνης

There is a big sign above Hania bus station, with one of those not-quite-right bits of Greek renditions of English:

Travel by the KTEL buses which are cheaper ant safer


Actually the more we get used to Greek the more these kind of transliteration errors make sense - ΝΤ in the Greek alphabet is how they represent the English alphabet 'D' sound - so you can see how AND gets written ANT.

But never mind the spelling - check out the Κ.Τ.Ε.Λ. logo:


That is no suburban bus - that is some kind of super space-hopping bus that looks like it has just taken off from Hania's spaceport!

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