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July 30, 2006

Vasileios Chalis statue in Plateia 1866

01statuechalis_1 Plateia 1866 is surrounded by statues of Cretan heroes from a bygone age. I've found it really difficult to identify them all and find out what they did, as in some cases the inscriptions are very worn, and obviously my Greek isn't up to much. My 'History of Crete' by Theocharis E. Detorakis has been a great help though in at least putting names, dates and events to some of these fierce Cretan warriors.

This is Vasileios Chalis (Βασιλειος Χαλης). The Chalis family had a reputation for being rebellious leaders from the Chania region. Vasileios died before the 1866 uprising took place, but I guess he must have taken part in the uprisings during the 1820s as his statue describes him (according to my translation skills) as a 'Cretan field marshal and leader'.

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