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July 18, 2006

New in town?

New in town? Where to go, what to do? Which archaeological sites to see? Need a taxi? Dial 1404 for the best tourist guide by COSMOTE

1212 Of all the things that bug me in Crete, this text message from COSMOTE must be the biggest.

I mean, it is very kind of them as a network to notify me of this service, and to work out that my phone is English and so I need it in English. And I'm sure it might be useful for some tourists.


Stop sending me a message every two days saying "New in town?".

Don't they keep a database of which numbers they've sent the text to?

I get it nearly every time I switch my UK phone on. And every time I get it, I think it actually costs me money, as I'm receiving a text whilst roaming. Bastards.

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I don't think the message should cost you money, as it's coming straight from the network provider to your phone without leaving the network, but I can see that it'd be damn annoying.

Have you tried texting "STOP" in reply? It's meant to be a universal keyword, but I'm not sure if it's EU-wide or if it applies to network-provider text spam...

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