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July 31, 2006

Meet Spiros

Spiros This is Spiros, one of the horses that has to hang around Chania harbour in the heat waiting to give passing tourists a ride, and who was nearly on hunger strike the other week.

We always feel a little bit sorry for him. Horses have feelings too, and we are pretty sure he already feels the odd-one-out since he is virtually the only horse doing the harbour rounds who isn't grey. He is also the only horse forced to wear a sun-hat with holes so that his ears can stick through it. He must be pretty self-conscious.

The hat does make him extra popular with the tourists though, and he is the horse that everybody wants a photograph with. To the extent that his owner usually stands guard over him, and tries to charge anybody who poses for a picture with Spiros €1.

In fact the writing you can just about see on the umbrella in this picture says:

The horse name is Spiros. Photo €1

Well it did anyway - now the €1 has been scribbled out, and replaced with "ΤΖΑΠΑ". I think this means "free". Well I hope it does - my Greek dictionary has Τζαμπα down as meaning free, which is only different by one stray μ.

Mind you, I didn't think to negotiate the subsequent internet distribution rights for the photo...

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