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July 27, 2006

Local hungry horse crisis averted

Hungryhorse Occasionally there are local stories on Kydon TV's "Crete News and Life" programme that nearly cause me to do myself an injury when I hear them. Yesterday there was a classic of the genre:

Following the recent protests by the Chania horse-drawn carriage owners, who preside in the Chania port area, a hunger strike, which they had threatened to go on, was over before it had begun.

Their dispute is with the Port Authority, who they believe are trying to abolish carriages from the port area.

However an agreement was reached between the two parties whereby the Port Authority has made it very clear to the carriage owners that they can operate in the port as long as they pay their licence fees, and provide the correct safety documentation.

It wasn't immediately clear from the report if the horses had also been intending to starve themselves in protest.

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