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July 24, 2006

Exhibition by 9 artists living in Chania

On Friday we popped into the old mosque on the harbour once again for another art exhibition - this time by a group of nine artists who all live and work around Hania - Dorothy Andrews, Eddie Fenn, Jerry Glover, Stephanie Johnson, Jan Liodaki, David MacFarlane, Sue MacFarlane, Tiffany Riley and John Tierney.


We had seen quite a lot of the work showcased on Kydon TV's "Crete News and Life" programme, so the exhibition didn't hold many surprises for us. When I visited in the afternoon it was being supervised by one of the women from the English language second-hand shop on the far side of town, and in the evening one of the artists themselves was in attendence.


Some of the more tactile pieces made good use of the niches in the wall in the exhibition space.


I think the painting pictured below was my favourite piece - although I couldn't work out who to attribute it to, and as you can see, rather than being hung it had just been propped up on top of a radiator.


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do you have any information on the german born artist, lived and painted in greece for years. paints on glass...
I did have contact with his wife last year, regarding purchasing his prints, but am unable to find his site. name: Antonios Von Santorinos. Any info would be much appriciated.
thanks for your time
Claire Louise

No sorry, the only thing I know is that I think his name is more usually written in English "Antonios Von Santorinios"

You will find Antonios in Kampia village in his studio at House of the Olives,73008 Kampia Apokoronou, Chania.

It is in the area of Plaka (Kalives-Plaka 6km), through Almirida


Hi Martin and Claire,
I first visited Crete and Chania in 1977, when I was 13 years old. We stayed in Platanias with a friend of my dad's - a wonderful Norwegian man called Leif who had built a house on the beach there. There were very few tourists in Platanias at the time and we became friendly with all the locals, eating regularly at O Platano and waiting for the bus with Jimmy, a local pensioner! There was also a new restaurant being built, in the old mill and it was there that I met and got to know Jan Liodaki, the artist. I still have one of her paintings which my parents bought at an exhibition of hers in Chania. It was a wonderful time and a wonderful place and I went back to Crete many times subsequently. Leif has passed away since but a few of my old friends are still there as I found out six years ago when I visited Platanias with my husband and Mia, my first child. My holidays in Crete have been some of the happiest times I have known in my life - you must be loving it out there!
Best wishes,
Connie Armstrong (or Cornelia van der Does as I was known then - Dutch nationality, married to an Englishman)

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