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June 08, 2006

The view from my office

I've been quite the grouch this week over the whole getting connected to the internet fiasco. I can't quite believe that I've almost 100% realised my ambition of living in a warmer country by the sea, being able to earn money working remotely at home - except for the one factor of not actually being able to work at home.

Our landlord spoke to OTE on our behalf at the weekend, with the result that we still have no idea when we might be able to get a phone-line connected to the house. We had kind of hoped that maybe they were just being slow about it because we were foreigners, but that doesn't seem to have been the case.

So I'm still trudging into town each day to get work done, tinker with websites and find out the news in English.

It could be worse of course - sometimes I get spectacular sunsets, and I always get to listen to a good selection of music on the way to and from town.

And the view from my office isn't too shabby either. I've had some pretty good office views before - notably when I worked in West London and could see out across London from the new Wembley Stadium to the BT tower - but I think this view of the Venetian harbour in Hania whilst I'm working in Notos tops the lot.


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