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June 16, 2006

The late, late show

Wc9 Well, Cafe Remezzo could end up being my World Cup venue of choice. It is the fourth bar in Hania I've watched some of a World Cup match in, and the first with any real atmosphere. There were even around 20 people there watching the Costa Rica - Ecuador match.

Claire met me there and we had a bite to eat before the England game. Ah, England, England, England. There were quite a few fans there, including some Burberry clad scouse chav elements who had bought a CD with "Three Lions" on it, and persuaded the bar to play it before the match. Briefly skipping over the game, which was probably best watched on fast forward, we made a really sorry sight indeed. Claire wasn't feeling great, and a mixture of nerves and too much speciality German lager the night before had completely put me off my stride. To my shame, I have to confess that we managed to make one half litre (about a pint) of Mythos last for three hours. Between us. Shocking, shocking stuff.

There wasn't much to say about Sweden's match either. We watched this at home, and I just about managed to last the 90 minutes - unlike Paraguay's defence. At least the fact that Sweden struggled to score against them made England's perfromance look not quite so lacklustre at the weekend. Anyway, we're through, we are one of 29 teams left that can still lift the cup (Poland, Costa Rica and Paraguay are all out of the equation now), and we know we're playing Germany or Ecuador in the next round. No prizes for guessing how that either/or equation is going to turn out.

The decisive games in Groups A and B are on the day I fly back from Germany. My flight from Frankfurt lands in Athens around 5pm Greek time, and my next flight to Hania doesn't take off until 8:50pm, so I'm hopeful I should be able to find a bar in the airport with the Germnay - Ecuador game on. I am due to land in Hania twenty minutes before the England game kicks-off. That should be fun!

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