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June 12, 2006

The Comebackeroos

Oh, look, a quick glimpse into an alternate universe where I have the internet at home and am able to post within minutes, well, an hour-or-so, of a match finishing. With Claire at work it was a choice of watching the Sheilaroos at home on my own, or coming down to town for a bit of atmosphere.

Wc4galini Which didn't really work out, as of the two bars advertising that they were showing the game, I chose Galini, and added to the global TV audience of billions, well, erm, me actually.

So I ended up watching it on my own anyway, only with the added "benefit" of a late 1980s/early 1990s pop-reggae compilation twittering away in the background. Late period Aswad and Ziggy Marley anyone? A shame, it must be said, as I was hoping there might be some flaming galahs around to enjoy a bit of post-colonial banter with.

Actually I was sticking up for the Aussies despite the traditional Anglo-Aussie rivalry - I still have a soft spot for big-boned Mark Viduka if not for Harry "Agents Fees" Kewell. And that probably explains why they ended up on the wrong end of the first really shocking decision in this World Cup, to allow Japan's goal to stand when there were not one but two clear fouls on the Aussie keeper. Well, the first shocking decision unless you count the continued insistence of the referee in the England - Paraguay game that Peter Crouch's height constituted a foul in itself.

There will be a TV replay referee in 2010, mark my words.

Mind you, I nearly didn't make it to watch the game at all. It is rainy and overcast here today, and so every effing tourist on the whole island has decided to skip the beach and head down to Hania to check out the old town. In order to get from the bus stop to the harbour I had to make like an England fan at an open-air screening of a match, and literally fight my way down Halidon to get to the bars.

Still, Galini is the bar that keeps on giving in terms of entertainment value. The first match we watched there saw a pigeon jump up and nibble on the complimentary nuts on the bar, and the second game saw one of the staff run out and spear a huge fish in the harbour during half-time.

Today, just after the second-half started, a bit of banter between the staff escalated, and next thing one of the waitresses was quitting her job in a flood of tears, turning the atmosphere in the place from non-existent to bad.

And then the Comebackeroos became the first team to get something out of a match this World Cup after going behind, with a flurry of three goals in the last ten minutes.

Penny will be proud.

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