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June 21, 2006

Post match drink-up in Dortmund

As you'd expect, the transport back to the city was ultra-efficient, and we were back at Hauptbahnhoff in the centre of Dortmund around twenty minutes after leaving the Togo-Switzerland game at The Signal Iduna Park FIFA WM stadium. I'll probably have to do some ritual cleansing on re-entering Greece for imbibing Turkish produce, but once we got back into town we decided that a kebab was the order of the day, so took advantage of Germany's large Turkish population and found a very nice looking kebab house. After we'd finished eating it was raining outside, and the Ukraine - Saudi Arabia game had already kicked off.

Wcbellringers Pausing only to watch a slightly weird display of mechanical bell ringing statues in a procession across a balcony on the building where we had been eating, we headed across the road and straight into the next bar we saw with a screen showing the footie. This turned out to be more of a wine and cocktail bar, but it was very pleasant in there, and soon filled up with some very happy Swiss fans watching the match and grabbing a bite to eat.

It was quite hot in the CU bar, and after the end of the Ukraine's demolition job on Saudi Arabia, the music had taken a distinct turn for the worse. There seems to be a trend at the moment to sample the naffest 80s thing possible, run it in a loop with some filters over it, and smack a banging beat behind it. I had barely picked my jaw up off the floor at a "tune" sampling Phil Collins' "Sussodio", when it segued into a track sampling Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me" - my all-time most hated track.

Understandably we left. We needed a breath of fresh air, and Mark neded to get some cash out, so we strolled round to a bar where earlier we had seen some Leeds United fans with a big flag to settle down for the Spain - Tunisia game.

Wckatharinentor The bar was called Katharinentor - and was probably the worst of all the venues in Dortmund we sampled. There was nothing terribly wrong with it, but they seemed to have put the TVs into the bar without really fully considering the sight-lines, as it was difficult to find seats with an unobscured view. We ended up perched on a table near the front, which at least meant there was a tiny bit of a breeze blowing. There wasn't really any atmosphere for the match, even when Tunisia took a surprise lead, and so at half-time we made a dash to find somewhere else.

We ended up back at Limericks, but this time out on their patio. It was covered with umbrellas, so we weren't at risk from the drizzle, but at least we could get some relief from the stifling heat in Dortmund. They had a couple of TVs set up on the balcony, so we watched the conclusion of the game there.

Wcinflate There were quite a few English guys there - definitely divided into two camps - the one who were funny, and the ones who thought they were funny. One group of lads were completely bedecked in Togo flags and scarves and hats, as was the giant inflatable Pepperami they were carrying around with them. They were funny.

On the other hand, there was another bunch of lads who had got chatting to some Swiss guys and one stray Finn. Leading their gang was the dullest most boring loudmouth we encountered in Dortmund. And bear in mind I was there so he had some competition. He was an Arsenal fan and just would not shut up about how great the Arsenal were - then he'd try and make some conversation, and within twenty seconds or so he would have bought the conversation back to talking about Arsenal. Other sample witty conversation included:

English guy: So in Finland, who do you support?
Finnish guy: You won't know them - [names team which I didn't catch]. We were in Europe once and beat Carmarthen.
English guy [in that slow halting shouting way that English people speak to foreigners as if they are stupid]: In. England. We. Say. That. The Welsh. Have. Sex. With. Sheep. Baaaaaaa! SHEEP, SHEEP, SHEEP SHAGGERS! SHEEP, SHEEP, SHEEP SHAGGERS!
Finnish guy: *slightly bemused look around the bar as if to ask 'why is this happening to me?'*

I think one of the joys of living in Greece and not grasping the language yet must be that background conversations are exactly that - background noise - rather than something you are forced to listen to and understand, like this Arsenal bore.


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As it happens "Whitney joins the JAMs" is absurdly one of my favourite ever records just for the bit where Bill Drummond goes "oh whitney" before she comes back with "I want to dance with somebody".
but then i doubt that that was the one you were listening to in dortmund.

That *is* a blast from the past. I used to have a C90 with all of that early deemed illegal KLF/JAMMS stuff on it - awesome.

There is some very thorough coverage of their career on wikipedia - do you think they wrote it all themselves ;-)

No, they didn't write it themselves, just a few fans (mostly myself, Vinoir and Dr Stuey). I have a sneaky feeling that Jimmy might have edited a few facts about himself though... Anyrode, glad you like the wiki articles.

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