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June 17, 2006

Orange vs Orange

After finally picking up my airline tickets, I headed to Notos for some hot internet action, and then on to Remezzo to watch the first game of the day.

One novelty of the Argentina vs Serbia & Montengro game was being in a bar where everyone was supporting Argentina. I wasn't 100% sure whether that was because it was a genuine pro-Argentina vote, the fact that they were playing some beautifully attractive free-flowing attacking football, or just a general Balkans region thumbs down for Serbia. Either way, for an Englishman it was a bit odd.

It turned out, of course, to be the first real hammering of this World Cup. My inevitable gripes? Well, I think on the basis of Beckham not being awarded the goal against Paraguay I'd expect at least one, if not two of the Argentinian goals to be reclassified as OG's. I couldn't see that Kezman did much that differentiated his scything tackle from a yellow compared to some others. And I see Maradonna yet again managed to hog the TV cameras at both the end of the game and at the introduction of Messi. Still, as an England fan, it is cheering to think that as Argentina haven't won the World Cup since '86 they are now on twenty years of hurt. Although, maybe not for much longer on the strength of their performances so far.

Idiotamerican Remezzo wasn't without distractions however. One of the scourges of Hania - large groups of American tourists plus servicemen intermingling on pub crawls - was out and about in force, and a couple of the girls had decided to jump into the harbour to cool off. They then picked Remezzo as their very next stop, and occupied the bathrooms for ages sorting their wet selves out, before shrieking the house down. Thanks girls, Thirls.

Remezzo also didn't distinguish itself with the choice of half-time music - "Drive" by The Cars, followed by Scorpions and "Winds of Change". Although the day before they'd had the decidedly unseasonal "Last Christmas" by Wham! on, so I suppose I shouldn't moan too much.

Claire met me ther after work, and we hung around to join the growing band of Dutch fans to watch the clash of the two teams in orange, the Netherlands vs the Ivory Coast. Everyone in the bar was supporting the Dutch, except for one guy who did a quite inexplicable leap out of his seat followed by a hop, skip and jump when the Ivory Coast scored.

I got into Claire's bad books by applauding the yellow card that will keep Drogba out of the Ivory Coast's last game in the World Cup, and for additionally adding "I effing hate him" loudly in case the people around me hadn't got the message. She didn't think that was fairplay. For my part, seeing as he is a self-confessed cheat playing for the most heavily subsidised club in football, I don't really see where the fairplay comes into it.

And then Mexico 0 Angola 0 turned out to be only the third match of tournament so far that hasn't gone to form. Which meant I again I just about managed to stay up until the midnight Greek time conclusion. But only just. How I'm going to cope next week when Greek TV shows both games of the group conclusion double-headers and the football doesn't finish until 2am, I'm not sure.

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