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June 16, 2006

Naked saxamaphone lady - the proof!

I've no idea why, but yesterday as I was walking through the square in front of the Orthodox Cathedral on the way to the harbour, I was suddenly compelled to walk in the opposite direction, to the painting shop on Halidon, and to have a look through what was on display.

I've already written about the naked saxamaphone lady painting that had been for sale. When I tried to get a picture of how bad it was before, it turned out to have gone, presumed sold. Well, either the artist has produced another copy, or it just hadn't been on display for a while, because yesterday it was there, and I finally got my photo.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to present for your viewing "pleasure" in nearly all of her glory - the naked saxamaphone lady.


I expect anyone spotting me trying to take this sneak picture of her must have thought I was a pretty sexually frustrated weirdo! As I suspect the artist themselves might be ;-)

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And only 30 euros. Bargain.

Finally we meet saxamaphone lady (so you didn't just dream her up?) - and even more stunning than you described!

i saw this show,bad boys go goalywood,and i'm tryin to find its title song,but i cant!do you know what it is?

Hi Bill, I think your question was more aimed at this post - http://lemontree.typepad.com/a_lemon_tree_of_our_own/2006/06/bad_boys_go_to_.html

I don't know the name of the theme tune - I don't think I've ever actually had the volume up at the start of the show in fact! I'll give listening to it a whirl and post here if I think I know what it is.

I'm impressed that you've managed to avoid mentioning her blowing a big instrument.

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