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June 28, 2006

Falling out of love with a bar

Sadly on Tuesday night we fell out of love with one of our favourite places in Hania. We'd settled down with a beer to watch the Brazil - Ghana match and were waiting to order food, when I suddenly noticed a cockroach scurrying around at my feet. I lost sight of it, then it reappeared next to my chair. Well, a cockroach appeared next to my chair - I thought it might be a different one, but I'm not generally known for being an expert on recognising individual insects at a distance. Then within a couple of minutes we noticed another one crawling down the wall, and that was the end of it as far as we were concerned.

In one of those classic statements, which I'm sure we learnt from Joss Whedon's dialogue in Buffy, Claire said:

"So...not with the ordering food then."

I've never actually seen a live cockroach before. Bloody hell, they really can move, can't they?

I'm not going to name the place, because like form/class, an infestation may be temporary, a bad cockroach infested review on the internet can be permanent. However, suffice it to say it may be a while before we are back there.

If nothing else it is an excuse to try some new places.

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I think cockroaches are fairly common - it may be not be a big reflection on the cleanliness of the kitchen...

Yep, now that we have our very own dead one in the courtyard outside the spare room/office I'm a little more forgiving ;-)

Strange you've never seen a cockroach before on Crete. Do you need glasses ?

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