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June 15, 2006

End of round one - ding! ding!

And so there you go - we've seen every team in the tournament.

(Well, I was a bit distracted for the Czech Republic vs U.S.A., but I got the drift anyway.)

And my verdict on the things that count?

Best kit - joint award to Argentina & Spain. There is something lovely and chunky and retro about their shirts this time around. My tip for the next England shirt, emulate the 1980s blue/red shoulder panels. Like reviving Doctor Who, for us thirtysomethings it is the England kit we grew up with and a sure-fire seller.

Worst kit - anyone wearing Puma kits. What is it with this wet-look once players get sweaty? Is this another sexist Sepp Blatter merchandising idea?

Also, I need a second opinion on this, is the Netherland's kit the wrong shade of orange? I mean, it is better than the 1988 sparrow-shit flecked effort, but it isn't right, is it?

My other main gripe? The names on the backs of the shirts. When the Premier League standardised the font and font-size on the back of English Premiership shirts, I thought it was a childish and tedious merchandising land-grab in order to generate extra revenue. Now I see the effect of not standardising the names, I'm all for it.

The names on the backs of the shirts in this World Cup are mostly useless. Puma as kit manufacturers are the primary culprits again. Everything in lower-case with a serif font? For Poland and the Ivory Coast? Expected to be read on a small TV screen halfway across the room? Are you having a laugh mate?

Mind you, the names on the backs of Germany's kit are not much better - they are in a slightly futuristic 'space' font, which works fine if you have around 8 letters in your name. However, for players like Lahm or Klose it has become so horizontally stretched as to look ridiculous, and for players like Schweinsteiger it has become so compressed that it looks more like a 3D barcode infogram on the back of the shirt than a name.

And apologies if you were enjoying reading 'A lemon tree of our own' and then it suddenly went all football - there are only three-and-a-half weeks to go, and to be honest, we're not really getting up to much else!

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Apology accepted - normally I browse past football, but I read this one (and the one about the pervert) as it seemed to be some sort of fashion commentary.

>> some sort of fashion commentary

Oooh, that sounds worse than a blog dedicated just to the football

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