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June 10, 2006

"Eat chicken. You won't die"

The threat of avian flu has been taken very seriously in Greece by consumers, and poultry sales are down by some 80% across the country.

Apart from us it must be said. We have an EU-sized stockpile of chicken in our freezer - it is cheap, and about the only meat you don't have to ask to be chopped by hand from a huge unidentifiable carcass sitting on the butcher's counter in the supermarket.

Anyway, in a effort to drum up sales there is a new advertising campaign promoting chicken featuring Vefa. She is the Greek Delia Smith, a very mumsy type cook with her own show "Cooking with Vefa". The advert isn't quite John Gummer trying to force-feed his children beefburgers at the height of the mad cow disease scare in the UK, but it is getting there.

Of course, we don't understand what Vefa says, but we rather hope it is "Eat chicken. You won't die."

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