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May 09, 2006

The play-off wringer

Well, Leeds United certainly put me through the play-off wringer last night. It wasn't enough that they left it late in the two-legged tie to take the lead, they then contrived to have two players sent off as well and finished the match clinging on with nine men.

Mind you, that wasn't the main thing getting me biting my nails. At half-time there was a floodlight failure at Preston's ground, which delayed the start of the second-half.

Well, that might just have been a trivial inconvenience to the people there - but to me it was a potential disaster. I felt like getting on the phone to Preston (assuming they didn't use new fangled phones that needed to be plugged into a working electricity supply).

I'm paying by the minute to listen to this over the internet you know.

And I've only got a limited amount of battery power in my laptop.

Plus we are two hours ahead, so the match didn't kick off until 9:45pm Greek time anyway.

And the internet cafe is going to close any minute now.

In the end my laptop battery limped over the finish line, and just as the ref blew the final whistle, the cafe was switching the lights off all around me, but, courtesy of first Radio Leeds and then Radio Five Live I got to hear the end.

This morning I got a text from Mark asking me if I was coming back for the final...   ;-)

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