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May 23, 2006

Oh, so now you tell us

We phoned OTE this morning to chase up the long-overdue installation of our telephone line - you may recall about some time in 1872 we ordered a new line, and then last decade someone came to see us and told us they couldn't do it there and then because of a problem in the street.

I got to speak to someone who spoke English, and they promised to call back. Which they did, with the news that there were no spare lines in Germaniko Pouli, so sorry, they couldn't connect us. We could try again in a couple of months - maybe there would be a spare line then.

In the words of Joey Tribbiani - "Why, God, why? Why are you doing this to us? We had an arrangement!"

An interesting challenge for me then, trying to start a new career doing IT work remotely from home without access to the internet...

We have a mobile phone signal so maybe I can lash up something MacGyver style to hook that up to the laptop.

Perhaps we can pay to get the landlord upstairs to install a wifi router and then leach off their connection?

Or maybe I can spend a small fortune getting one of those 3G widgets for the laptop, or install a huge satellite dish to get the internet that way.

At the speed OTE work, by the time there are new lines in Germaniko Pouli, someone will probably have perfected sending high-speed internet signals through water, and I'll just have to connect the laptop with crocodile clips to a bucket under a running tap to get it connected.

Still it could be worse, not only can I not get broadband in our new house, at the weekend I could have listened to my team fail to reach the premiers...d'oh!

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Aaagh, what a pain. I spent three months in 2004 living beside Highbury and Islington station, trying to get Telewest to accept that my house existed. So such things happen in old Blighty too!

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